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The Rising April 2017 - CD

Released in late March 2017, 'The Rising' is the seventh album/cd from Offramp and features twelve new instrumental songs that reflect a range of life experiences captured in the improvisation and composition of the tracks. Along with a mix of straight-forward piano-and-organ-based songs, 'The Rising' includes tracks that feature electronic sonic landscapes reflective of Vangelis with Sade-like rhythms. In its usual eclectic manner, Offramp provides a palette of sounds and music for the listener to enjoy either through dreamy escape or moving down the road of life with a panorama of visuals to witness.

The Road Goes On August 2015 - CD

Making its debut in May 2001, Offramp's music represents a diverse collection of songs sonically reminiscent of classic and progressive rock as well as ambient, piano, and electronica stylings. Difficult to categorize into one format, OFFRAMP's music takes its cues from a variety of pop, rock, jazz, and soundtrack influences to create a unique and distinct sound. The 2015 release of 'The Road Goes On' album continues Offramp's recent engagement in instrumental songs that range in variety and offer reflective and beautiful musical soundscapes.
The Road Goes On available at CD Baby

Pastoral Elegy December 2014 - CD

Pastoral Elegy is the 2014 cd release by Offramp featuring nine piano-based instrumental songs written to invoke both a somber and nostalgic reflection of a distant past.
Pastoral Elegy available at CD Baby

Fading from View November 2011 - CD

CD Baby

The new Offramp cd, Fading from View, is now available for purchase at CD Baby and various digital outlets. Released in November 2011, Fading from View includes 15 dynamic instrumental tracks that offer majestic and sweeping arrangements. 

Offramp: Fading from View

Later Days August 2010 - CD

Following the release of Dark Matter, Offramp changed direction with Later Days (2010), a collection of fifteen instrumental songs that portray a more ambient and reflective mood with influential nods to artists ranging from Vangelis and Bruce Hornsby, to George Winston and Pat Metheny. Recorded intermittently between 2007 and 2010, Later Days offers a palette of musical textures and stark moods that are atmospheric and scenic in their expression.

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Offramp: Later Days Later Days

Dark Matter December 2009 - CD

Released in late 2009, Dark Matter adds thirteen songs to the OFFRAMP catalog that feature not only a marked growth in the music's development, but a dynamic and fresh sound as well. Moreover, whereas Dark Matter continues to reflect OFFRAMP's diverse range of styles, the music delves into expansive sonic territory that weaves intricate arrangements with heavy and melodic textures resulting in energetic, moving, and thoughtful soundscapes.

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Offramp: Dark Matter  (Remastered) Dark Matter

Offramp May 2001 - CD

Making its debut in 2001, the self-titled first OFFRAMP album is a collection of music sonically reminiscent of classic and progressive rock with some new age styling. Difficult to categorize into one format, OFFRAMP's music is a textured amalgam of various influences including everything from Rush, Kansas, Yes, the Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd, Vangelis, early Pat Metheny, and Bruce Hornsby. Although OFFRAMP's eclectic derivations reflect upon such artists, the music is unique in its own right and stands apart from contemporary rock offerings. Check out the links section to purchase the tunes.

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Offramp: Offramp Offramp